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UHS Seal

UHS Seal

UNS Seal is a single acting piston-rod seal, has symmetrical lips in order to be used as both rod and piston seal, used in low

Rod Seal

ROD Seal

Rod Seal have two sealing lips, inner lip shorter than the outer lip. It prevents leakage of fluid from the cylinder to the outside.

EU Pneumatic seal

EU Pneumatic Seal

The EU pneumatic seal is a two-way dust-proof dual-use seal. It is used for the sealing of cylinder piston rod, which has both dust-proof and fixed functions.

DHS Wiper Seal

DHS Wiper Seal

DHS Wiper seal is single acting double wiper ensuring that dust particles are not introduced into the hydraulic cylinders.

UNS Seal

UNS Seal

UNS Seal is a single acting piston-rod seal, has symmetrical lips in order to be used as both rod and piston seal, used in low pressure application.

United Elastomer is an importer & manufacturer of wide range of PU hydraulic seals for different industries. We have been providing good quality consistently since 2000. We differentiate ourselves by providing the most rapid response possible to quotes and inquires & superior quality products. Best of all, when we respond to a quote, you are talking to an expert who understands your needs and concerns. We are an MSME certified company (UAM NO.- WB08A0011972), ISO 9001:2015 Certified company. Besides we have Export-Import licence & other Govt. certificates. United Elastomer has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of Hydraulic Seals in India. Our company is located in Kolkata, west Bengal and is one of the leading sellers of listed products.

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  • Pu hydraulic seal

    Hydraulic Seal

    There are a different types of hydraulic seals within the hydraulic cylinder. They have their own specific function. Some seals are used to cope with extreme pressure, while others are used to keep dirt out of the system. Each of these seals needs to be specially selected based on their functionality. Wrong seal selection during hydraulic cylinder […]

  • PU Hydraulic seal

    Hydraulic Pu Seal Manufacturer

    United Elastomer is a premier manufacturer of different types hydraulic PU seals like U-Seal, Rod Seal, Piston Seal, Wiper Seal, Pneumatic Seal, D-Seal, Step Seal etc. We have been in the business since at the year 2000. We also Import Pu Seals directly from different countries. We deliver product across India. Hydraulic Pu Seal : […]

  • PU Hydraulic seal

    Hydraulic Seal Size Chart

    Hydraulic Seals have different sizes as per International standard. These sizes are determined by Piston Rod diameter, bore size of a hydraulic barrel and working pressure of the hydraulic system etc. PU Seal Size Chart is mentioned below… How to determine the size of a PU Hydraulic Seal ? In the above photo, few types […]

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