Pneumatic Seal

EU Pneumatic seal

Types of Pneumatic seals

  1. Pneumatic rod seals
  2. Pneumatic piston seals

Pneumatic Seals

Pneumatic seals are designed to prevent compressed air from leaking through leaks in pneumatic systems.Pneumatic cylinders are widely used in mechanics, when small efforts are required at high sliding speed with reciprocating motion. Sealing elements are one of the most important parts of these cylinders.Sealing elements are made of materials that can change shape when a force is applied and can return to their original shape when this force disappears. In this regard, the sealing elements are made of Polyurethane material.


  1. Superior sealing effect.
  2. Low friction values and high length of operation.
  3. The geometry of the sealing lip maintains initial lubrication and therefore has excellent friction characteristics.
  4. Wide range of dimensions
  5. Minimal space requirement
  6.  Easy installation to open grooves.
  7. Highly wear resistant.

Operating Conditions

  1. Material: PU
  2. Temperature: -35C to 100C
  3. Speed: up to 1 m/s
  4. Medium: Air.
  5. Pressure: up to 1.6Mpa
  6. Colour: Blue
  7. Hardness: 88 to 92A shore


It can be assembled into closed groove with tight hand force. This seal does not need additional element such as circlip for axial fitting within the housing. We recommend using special assembly tool. It is very important that the assembly tools must be of soft material and have no sharp edges. Before installation the sealing element must be oiled with system oil. All our seals are packed and sealed at the point of manufacture to ensure the highest quality. They are stored out of sunlight and kept in a temperature controlled environment until dispatch.

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