Pneumatic Rod Seal

Pneumatic Rod Seal types

Pneumatic Rod seal has different types. We have following types available in our stock :

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Pneumatic rod seal

EU Pneumatic Rod seal is a high performance rod seal and wiper combination, designed specifically for pneumatic applications. It gives significant improvements in cylinder performance in low lube air conditions and be used in long and short stroke applications.

Pneumatic Rod Seal

Pneumatic Rod seals are using compressed air to seal the gap of the rotating shaft without leaking the working medium. The annular groove is machined on the casing. And the gap of the rotating shaft is blocked by the compressed air to prevent leakage of lubricating oil.


The pneumatic seal has the characteristics of simple structure but requires a gas source with a certain pressure to supply gas. So the consumption of compressed air is large. And the pressure of the gas source is larger than the pressure of the sealing medium by 0.03~0.05Mpa. Pneumatic seals are not limited by speed and temperature. They are usually used for sealing of rotating machinery with small pressure difference. They are used for liquid medium sealing and also for gas medium sealing, such as to prevent leakage of lubricating oil in bearing housing. Sometimes used in combination with labyrinth seals or spiral seals.


  1. Superior sealing effect.
  2. Low friction values and high length of operation.
  3. The geometry of the sealing lip maintains initial lubrication and therefore has excellent friction characteristics.
  4. Wide range of dimensions
  5. Minimal space requirement
  6.  Easy installation to open grooves.
  7. Highly wear resistant.


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