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Hydraulic PU Seals

Hydraulic Pu Seals :

Pu hydraulic seals are one of the most important parts of the hydraulic cylinders. Most of the hydraulic cylinder seals are Pu seals. Polyurethane (Pu) is a special material that offers the resilience of rubber combined with the toughness and high durability. Polyurethane Seal can reduce factory maintenance cost and OEM product cost. Hydraulic pu seals have better abrasion and tear resistance than rubber. In addition, it offers high load-bearing capacity.

Types of Hydraulic Pu Seal :

1. Hydraulic pu seals-Piston Rod seal

Piston-rod seal is a single acting symmetric seal. It is designed to have symmetrical lips in order to be used in both for rod and piston applications. In addition, It has mechanically trimmed lips. Therefore, it creates excellent contact pressure in both dynamic and static one-way sealing. Since it has symmetrical lips, it is applicable in both for rod and piston applications.

2. Hydraulic pu sealsRod seal

Rod seal is the most critical seal on any type of fluid power equipment. It prevents leakage of fluid from the cylinder to the outside. Leakage through a hydraulic cylinder can reduce equipment performance. In extreme cases it can cause environmental issues. Particular attention should be paid to pair the rod seal and the wiper for the best sealing performance. If a less effective rod seal is used in a hydraulic cylinder, the wiper can scrape off the microscopically thin film of oil that remains on the rod in microscopic surface imperfections during the return stroke, resulting in system leakage.

3. Hydraulic pu sealsWiper seal

Wiper seal ensures that foreign particles are not introduced into the hydraulic cylinders. The lip is designed in a particular way that it reliably wipes off  the dirt but leaves a residual oil film on the rod. Its structure makes it excellent in dust resistance and less oil leakage.

4. Hydraulic pu sealsPiston seal

Piston Seals are used in hydraulic cylinders for fluid sealing. They are internal to the cylinder head and seal against the cylinder bore, preventing fluid from flowing across the cylinder head. This allows pressure build up on one side of the piston, making the cylinder extend or retract.

Operating Conditions of PU Seals :

MaterialTPU CPU
MediumHydraulic Oil/Emulsion

Advantages :

1. Particularly strong wear resistance.
2. Insensitivity to shock loads and pressure peaks.
3. High crush resistance.
4. It has an ideal sealing effect under no load and low-temperature conditions.
5. Suitable for demanding working conditions.
6. Easy to install.


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